The history of aikido in Finland has been studied by Mr. Mika Levy (M.A.). According to his survey: "There are at least five different motives that are related to founding a new aikido club. First - Desire to make a new dojo rises from the ideas of advanced aikidoka's..


Shiyukan has been founded with this idea. This has been a vision or perhaps also a dream for a long time. The origins date back to year 2001, when Igarashi-sensei formulated this name - shiyukan. "House of strong, limitless inner force and heart". He has given also a calligraphy to Mr. Risto Tenhunen. Shiyukan has now everything else but it's own dojo.


Kazuo Igarashi Shihan (7th Dan) was born in 1946. He started aikido in 1964 at the Meiji University Aikido Club under Yasuo Kobayashi Sensei. Igarashi Sensei became one of the main uchi-deshi at the Kobayashi Dojo in 1973. Igarashi Sensei he established his own dojo "Igarashi Dojo" in Sagamihara City at Kanagawa prefecture. At present. Igarashi Sensei teaches both in Japan and overseas in Europe, United States and Cananda, South America and Asia.